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26th Apr 2024 - 5th May 2024

17th May 2024 - 26th May 2024

2nd Aug 2024 - 11th Aug 2024

Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag und Feiertag ab 15:00 Uhr

Weinherbst: 27th Oct 2024 - 3rd Nov 2024

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Taste Mayer-Hoermann's wines

Nature gives the fruit. We refine the product. The wine estate Mayer-Hörmann is located south-east of the winegrowing area Kamptal. “Producing Grüner Veltliner is the most exciting thing a vintner can do” is our belief. The styles of wines range from light and fruity to complex and powerful. In addition, many other varities are planted, e.g. Welschriesling, Riesling, Gelber Muskateller, Gemischter Satz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, different red vins such as Zweigelt, Shiraz, St. Laurent, Blauburger, and the new Zweigelt Barrique , with its oaky note. The vintners` pride and joy:

The vintners` pride and joy:

  • 12 x Gold NÖ-Landesweinmesse
  • Top-Heurigensieger vom Wagram

This wine tavern should be a meeting place for all who enjoy good food, good wines and life in general. Guests are invited to spend the whole afternoon in the great garden or the nice tavern inside, just for relaxing. The team in the kitchen tries to produce dishes from regional products from the season. The homemade bacon and cakes are a must for every guest. Visitors have the chance to taste each wine from the estate in a cheerful and lively atmosphere.

Ex cellar door in Engabrunn at any time, please call ahead.

Land and culture

The Mayer- Hörmann estate cultivates its vineyards in the wine growing area of Kamptal and Wagram. Warm, sunny summers and long, mild autumn days with cool nights are characteristic for these regions. The estate is fortunate to have vineyards with varying kinds of soil. Some vins especially the Grüner Veltliner like deep loess soil, others prefer primary rock and gravel. The microclimate is defined by a great change in temperature between day and night. Wine growing is very labour intensive. Ingrid and Hans Mayer spend much of their time in the vineyard and pay much attention to canopy and soil management. The estate cultivates ten hectares of vineyards. Our top location This single vineyard called Spiegel is situated on a gentle south-east facing slope with maximum exposure to the sun. It is one of the most famous and significant vineyards of the region Kamptal. The soil of this special vineyard is a result of the dry cold climate of the Ice Age. Several metres of loess cover primary rock. Grapes from “Spiegel” always bring peppery Grüne Veltliner, typical for the variety and the region.


The first priority with freshly gathered white grapes( handpicked or harvested by machines) is to get them to the press as soon as possible. At the winery the grapes go through a machine called a crusher-destalker. It breaks the skin of the grapes but doesn`t press them, and removes all stalks. The resulting mush is immediately poured into the press. All wines are fermented at 20 degrees Celsius using natural and specific yeasts. Estate Mayer-Hörmann uses stainless steel tanks. They keep the white wines` spicy flavours and freshness. Red wines are stored in barrels, some specials like Zweigelt Barrique 2011 in smaller oak barrels, the barriques. Wines are bottled and closed with a screwcap, labeled and ready for selling ex cellar door or by delivery. The focus of production lies on bringing unique wines with plenty of finesse.

Grüner Veltliner Kamptal DAC It is an easy drinking Grüner Veltliner, fruity and spicy with lively acidity and elegant fruit. It has a peppery character and is a wine for every occasion. It offers plenty of drinking pleasure. Zweigelt Barriqueis stored in barriques and so it gets its oaky nose. It is a powerful, full bodied red wine. Flavour reminds of dried plums, cinnamon and vanilla. This wine is well balanced and has an individual taste. Very subtle!

The owners

Ingrid Mayer

She runs the estate and the wine tavern with considerable passion and dedication. She graduated from high school and then passed the professional master for winemaking. She feels responsible for the welfare of the whole family. The two sons Matthias and Felix are still students. She is also involved in sales and office work and runs the daily ex cellar door.

Hans Mayer

He began his career as a computer specialist and then changed to the business of winemaking. He graduated from high school and taught himself the basic knowledge of wine making and enology. He specialiced in vinification and marketing. When you look for him you are most likely to find him in his winecellar. Only the daily control of the wines guarantees high qualities. He always aims at producing unique and subtle wines and has come to the conclusion: Each vintage is a challenge!